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Complaints and Requests

At Calvia2000 we care about your opinion

PThat is the only way we can improve. Please let us know of any problems you detect with our services, as well as your opinion thereof. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use these forms below to request the collection of your unwanted household items or garden refuse. Together, we can make a cleaner and more sustainable municipality.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00h. (By phone, telematics or in person by appointment)

Help us to improve by resolving the problems that you encounter with our system. If you can attach an image, which will allow us to clearly view the problem.

Policy and procedures for the collection of bulky ítems, electrical appliances and electronics:

  • You can take out the unwanted household goods only when you have the confirmation of the appointment by email.
  • The unwanted ítems must be left on the pavement in front of the entrance
  • Unwanted bulky items from shops, services and industries are not included in this removal service.

Guidelines to be followed for the collection of garden refuse:
  • Collections are from Monday to Friday, in the morning only.
  • The pruning remains should be able to be picked up directly by the crane of an octopus truck.
  • We do not collect palm tree pruning because it cannot be composted. You can take them to the Deixalleria in bundles up to 50 cm long.
  • A maximum of five cubic meters per service and three services per month.
  • The waste generated as a result of the services performed by a company or autonomous professional is not part of this special collection service.
  • Waste generated by shops, services or industries are not part of this special collection service.
  • The waste generated as a result of clearing or pruning of uninhabited lots is not part of this special collection service.

To request a connection to the sewage and/or rainwater network, you must provide the following:

  • A copy of the wáter meter contract.
  • The DNI/NIE/CIF of the contract holder.
  • Situational plan.
  • Deed of appointment of administrator, in the case of companies, communities, etc. (the administrator must take his or her DNI).
  • The owner must come to our offices in person to sign the original documents in triplicate (if the owner is not able to, they need to send an authorized person, with proof of ID)

If you would like us to call you to arrange an appointment, or clarify anything, please fill out the following form.

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