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Cleaning the municipality

Street cleaning

Due to the touristic nature of the municipality, the concentration of economic activity around the services in the summer months, generating specific requirements in the form of organization and the provision of collection services, with the challenge of guaranteeing economic and environmental sustainability from such services. During the summer months, more than one hundred new workers are hired to sweep more frequently, scrubbing the first and second lines, to launch the special service of immediate intervention/response and to initiate the beach service.

The main tasks are:

  • Increase in services of mixed sweepers (more operators with blowers).
  • The start of scrubbing and street washing services.
  • Reinforcement of maintenance and vehicle cleaning services.
  • Reinforcement of waste/recycling collection services and the cleaning of parks, squares, etc.

Beach cleaning

Calvià2000 performs the tasks of waste collection and the cleaning of the entire coastline of the municipality. As for the cleaning of beaches, Calvià2000 is in charge of those that do not have a concession.

The beach service of Calvià2000 has 10 teams, composed of about 20 people, who perform beach preparation and maintenance tasks, waste collection and cleaning of walkways, access to beaches and coastal spots.