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The Deixalleria or Green Point facilities, situated in Poligon de Son Bugadelles, allow for the selective collection of waste generated in the municipality.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Location: C / Illes Balears, 31 - Polígon de Son Bugadelles (Santa Ponça)
Phone: 971 697 979

What is it?

Closed installation of selective reception of municipal waste, with access allowed to individuals residing in Calvià, within a schedule in which Calvià 2000 staff is located to ensure proper waste management.

The Deixalleria allows to selectively store waste for which there is no home collection system or specific containers on the street.

Who can use it?

Individuals residing in the municipality of Calvià.

What kind of waste can be deposited?

Paper-cardboard, flat glass, metals and scrap metal, bulky items such as furniture and mattresses, clothing, appliances, tyres out of use of cars and bicycles, pruning remains, palm pruning (not affected by red weevil), construction waste and demolition domestic; household hazardous waste, such as alkaline and button batteries, expired paints, fluorescent, contaminated metal and plastic containers, batteries, vegetable oil, mineral oil, absorbents, toners, CFC appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners).

In no case will the following materials be accepted in the Deixalleria: infectious, radioactive waste, explosive or flammable material, industrial waste, hospital waste, unused vehicles, dead animals and any waste that can be considered dangerous and / or inappropriate for storage and manipulation in the Deixalleria.

What are the characteristics of the installation?

The installation is secured and a Calviá2000 staff member is always present. The closure allows you to control the activity as well as to avoid inappropriate actions inside the Deixalleria. The circulation area is U-shaped to make it easier for users and also trucks to collect waste. Special areas are destined for the containers, according to the type of waste that is deposited.The hazardous waste part is closed off and is only accessible by Calvià 2000 staff.

A training classroom for schoolchildren and environmental education activities has been built,  since one of the objectives of the Deixalleria is its didactic sense, oriented to show in situ  good environmental practices.

How does it function?

The user identifies himself by showing his ID and informing the staff of the type of waste he has, the operator tells him where to unload. In case of hazardous waste the operator himself deposits it in the specific area for hazardous waste.

It is a FREE service for residents in the municipality.

Two parallel U-shaped circuits have been built, one for users and one for pick-up trucks.At the entrance, users are told where they can deposit their waste. Once inside, they can park their vehicles next to the corresponding containers. The same circuit takes them to the exit.


Any resident in Calvià who needs to use a shredder to make household composting with the remains of food and small remains of pruning or from the garden can apply to loan it at our company.

If you are interested, call the Deixalleria (971 697979, from 8 to 15 hours) to know the availability of this device.

When you go to pick it up on the agreed date, bring the signed loan application document, along with a photocopy of your ID.

Before, you should have read:

  • The rules of use of the crusher.
  • The instruction and safety manual of the machine.