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Energy demand management

Energy demand management

Within the objectives set, in the scope of the Water Cycle, an efficient management of energy is included. For this purpose, preventive maintenance plans are developed and specific actions are carried out, related to the operation of the installation and the service requirements.

Lines of action:

  • Detailed monitoring and measurement of electricity consumption.
  • Optimization of the electrical contracting, according to the operating parameters of the facilities.
  • Continuous monitoring of the reactive energy consumption of our facilities
  • Installation of power control systems.


Continuous program of management of energy demand:

  • Installation of systems for regulating the dynamics of pump operations at different driving stations of the municipality
  • Adaptation of impellers of the impulsion pumps and adjustment in curves of operation at different stations of impulsion.
  • Installation of frequency variators in pumping/pumps to improve the energy performance of the facilities and lamination of flows in the plant.
  • Annual review of medium voltage / low voltage transformation stations of the WWTPs of Santa Ponça, Bendinat and Peguera.
  • Study of hydraulic restructuring of different sanitation subsystems in order to eliminate impulsion stations, thereby reducing energy consumption.