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The Integral Water Cycle


The Integral Water Cycle


Within the large areas managed by Calvià2000, the Integral Water Cycle has a very prominent role, and its objective covers all aspects related to the use, treatment and regeneration of water within the framework of public service:

  • Collection of waste water through the sanitation and waste water network.
  • Purification of waste water.
  • Regeneration of purified water through tertiary treatment.
  • Management of the distribution of reclaimed water for the irrigation of public areas.
  • Management and supervision for the municipal service of distribution of potable water, a service developed by the company Hidrobal, which has the concession.
  • Laboratory services for water, environment and food.


The management of this sphere is orientated towards the growing health, social and environmental requirements, with the following objectives:

  • Compliance with the objective of zero spillage/leakage at treatment plants.
  • Improvement in the quality levels of effluent purification.
  • Enhancement of laboratory activity, increasing the ability to provide services.
  • Maintenance and improvement of infrastructures and networks, activities that include the replacement, adaptation and refurbishment of obsolete networks.
  • Enhancement in the reuse of reclaimed water through its tertiary treatment.
  • Energy optimization improvements.
  • Improvements in air quality at purification and treatment plants.
  • Improvement in security conditions at purification and treatment plants

Other complementary functions are developed, such as the maintenance and conservation of facilities at municipality beaches, and the internal revisions of buildings to detect irregular connections in the network, in collaboration with the Local Police of Calvià.

Functional structure

The Integral Water Cycle is comprised of the following departments:

  • Technical office: among its functions, the drafting and direction of construction projects is the most prominent.
  • Water treatment: includes the responsibility for the purification services, laboratory and control and inspection of the network.
  • Maintenance of the facilities: includes the various truck services, network maintenance and electromechanical maintenance.

Development of the Investment Plan

With respect to the construction and investments plan, tasks are specified and prioritized in order to achieve the objectives set:

  • Zero spillage/leakage objective of wastewater: this goal addresses the complete or partial remodeling of first-line purification plants, the replacement of critical elements, and the provision of telemanagement and safety equipment.
  • Objective for the improvement of purified water quality: to achieve this, the treatment units of the treatment plants are renewed, in order to comply with sanitary and environmental requirements and improve the analytical control of effluents.
  • Objective to promote the reuse of reclaimed water: it justifies improvements in advanced tertiary treatment and the extension of reclaimed water distribution networks.
  • Objective in substituting incompatible segments and the elimination of black spots in sanitation networks: with this objective in mind, obsolete networks or those with structural problems that impede their correct operation are entirely replaced.

The main objectives of the Integral Water Cycle division is that of zero spillage/leakage and to promote the quality and distribution of reclaimed water.