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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsiblity

Business or Corporate Social Responsibility must be understood as a set of different economic, social and environmental commitments, adopted by companies, which constitute an added value in the fulfillment of their legal obligations and contribute at the same time to the social and economic progress in the framework of sustainable development.

A company is socially responsible when, in addition to achieving its own business objectives, it pays attention to the expectations the various stakeholders (employees, customers, communities, environment, suppliers, etc.) have, regarding its behavior, so that it is able to positively contribute to the development of its environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This page presents the set of commitments assumed by our organization, and that are part of the Corporate Social Responsibility system.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Equality Plan

Good Governance Policy ( Anti-corruption)

Climate change policy

Ethical code

Investor Relations Agreement

General Policy for Occupational Health and Safety.

Guidelines for Business Conduct

Ethical code of Bidders and Contractors

Alert System

A platform to report practices contrary to the fulfilmentof our laws and ethical obligations,