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Our mission is the provision of municipal services for waste collection and the cleaning of urban public spaces, as well as the collection, treatment and reuse of water and management of the potable water supply in the municipality of Calvià. We carry out our mission in an efficient and sustainable way, with a philosophy of continuous improvement and in the context of the Council's strategy.


We want to be a benchmark in the management and innovation of the services we provide, in a sustainable, transparent, ethically responsible way and committed to the citizen, being the engine for the municipality of Calvià, leading the way in environmental sustainability.


  • Knowledge of the social context of the municipality
  • Experience and know-how
  • Innovation
  • Pride in belonging to the organization
  • Public Service Vocation
  • Proactivity
  • Proximity and orientation towards the citizen
  • Commitment to the environment and the citizens


The City Council of Calvià decided, in June 1987, to create a limited company, 100% municipal capital, that would allow citizens to provide services whose execution would require greater agility and flexibility in management. This is how Calvià 2000, SA was born.

Throughout the following year, the Plenary session contacted the company with basic services for the municipality, such as the collection of solid urban waste, street cleaning, and sewage and water treatment. This increase in activity, in tandem with a constant increase in the population of Calvià, led to a growth in the company's workforce through the incorporation of City Council workers and new hires.


Currently, about 315 people work for the company, and about one hundred in addition to that, reinforce the workforce during the high season. Most people work in the department of environmental maintenance, around 20% work in the water cycle departments (sanitation and purification) and 13% in administration.

In addition, Calvià 2000 manages four treatment plants, 238,000 meters of sanitation networks and 92,000 meters of rainwater, purifies a flow of 7 million cubic meters per year and regenerates 170,000 cubic meters of water for irrigation of gardens, golf courses and farms. In addition, it has a 900 square meter mechanical workshop where a fleet of more than 170 vehicles are serviced.


The City Council of Calvià is the sole shareholder of Calvià 2000, S.A. The members of the Plenary of the Corporation form the General Meeting of shareholders of the company. This body appoints the members of the Board of Directors, which in turn designates the person who will hold the management responsible for the daily operation of the company.

The company is organized according to the following functional structure:

  • Management
  • Economic-Financial Department
  • HR department
  • Department of Organization, Systems and Customer Service
  • Department of Legal Advice and Contracting
  • Water Cycle Department: responsible for the networks and for the purification of wastewater, the networks for the distribution of reclaimed water, the technical office (public works) and the laboratory.
  • Environmental Maintenance Department: responsible for the collection of urban solid waste, street cleaning, beach cleaning, mechanical workshop and environmental projects.

During the high season, the workforce is reinforced with around a hundred people with an eventual contract.