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(+34) 971 699 200 / URGÈNCIES (+34) 971 690 116
(+34) 971 699 200 / EMERGENCIES (+34) 971 690 116
(+34) 971 699 200 / URGENCIAS (+34) 971 690 116

Welcome to Calvià 2000

CALVIA 2000 IS A MUNICIPAL COMPANY, 100 % OWNED BY THE CALVIA TOWN HALL OF MALLORCA, in charge of street cleaning, waste collection, the sewage network and the purification and regeneration of our waters. Thanks to the dedication of the people who work for the company, Calvià is a clean municipality, that now looks to the future in terms of sustainability.

Selective Waste Collection
liters of water regenerated
Waste Tonnage

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At Calvià 2000 we value your input!

Send us your requests, suggestions or complaints and we will resolve them in the shortest time possible.

Complaints and suggestions
Contact us to communicate any incident or suggestion for improving our services related to cleaning, waste and water sanitation.
Collection of unwanted household items and domestic appliances
Request and collection of bulky items including electrical and electronic equipment.
Collection of garden refuse
Request de services for the collection of garden refuse, if you are a privateresident in Calvià.
Calvia 2000
Sewerage connection application
A platform to request a connection to the sewage and/or rainwater network,

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